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  • Contract-Based Design of Dataflow Programs 

    Wiik, Jonatan (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 19.01.2024)
    Quality and correctness are becoming increasingly important aspects of software development, as our reliance on software systems in everyday life continues to increase. Highly complex software systems are today found in ...
  • Energy Aware Runtime Systems for Elastic Stream Processing Platforms 

    Rexha, Hergys (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 22.08.2023)
    Following an invariant growth in the required computational performance of processors, the multicore revolution started around 20 years ago. This revolution was mainly an answer to power dissipation constraints restricting ...
  • New Approach for Market Intelligence Using Artificial and Computational Intelligence 

    Yoseph, Fahed (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 10.02.2023)
    Small and medium sized retailers are central to the private sector and a vital contributor to economic growth, but often they face enormous challenges in unleashing their full potential. Financial pitfalls, lack of adequate ...
  • Diagrammatic Languages and Formal Verification : A Tool-Based Approach 

    Parsa, Masoumeh (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 02.09.2022)
    The importance of software correctness has been accentuated as a growing number of safety-critical systems have been developed relying on software operating these systems. One of the more prominent methods targeting the ...
  • Computational Network Analytics for Applications in Biomedicine 

    Popescu, Victor-Bogdan (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 03.06.2022)
    Network medicine has recently emerged as a field of research focusing on the analysis of networks modelling complex biological systems, for a better understanding of diseases and corresponding treatment. Building on results ...
  • Predicting Risk and Return in Peer-to-Peer Lending with Machine Learning : A Decision Making Approach 

    Byanjankar, Ajay (Åbo Akademi University, 03.12.2021)
    Credit risk is one of the prominent risk types in the financial industry. It is the risk associated with lending money to borrowers, where the risk is the likelihood of not receiving back the money as a result of borrowers ...
  • Scalable Multicore Computing Using Dataflow and Task‐based Models 

    Georgakarakos, Georgios (Åbo Akademi University, 26.11.2021)
    Most of modern digital electronic devices and systems rely nowadays on multicore processors, in order to deliver a growing list of added‐value features and services. In this way multicore architectures have been able to ...
  • Optimizing Stateful Serverless Computing 

    Byholm, Benjamin (Åbo Akademi University, 28.05.2021)
    Stateful serverless computing is a new paradigm within cloud computing. It successfully incorporates state management with serverless computing. Serverless computing is a form of cloud computing where the servers necessary ...
  • DIANA : Distributed and Safe Autonomous Navigation for a Swarm of Autonomous Vehicles 

    Majd, Amin (Åbo Akademi University, 07.05.2021)
    The autonomous systems are typical examples of complex distributed cyber-physical systems (CPS). The main characteristics of such systems is the use of autonomous vehicles. They are increasingly used in various mission-critical ...
  • Performance Exploration and Testing of Web-based Software Systems 

    Ahmad, Tanwir (Åbo Akademi University, 07.12.2020)
    Modern society relies heavily on a wide range of inter-connected software systems for finance, energy distribution, communication, and transportation. The era of controlled communication in closed networks for limited ...
  • Target Controllability of Cancer Networks 

    Kanhaiya, Krishna (Åbo Akademi University, 12.06.2020)
    Advances in the field of complex networks theory and network biology pave a new way to define human health through the study of networks of proteins, genes, metabolites, modules across cell signaling pathways, and clinical ...
  • Model-based Verification and Testing of Web services : Functionality, Robustness and Vulnerability Analysis 

    Siavashi, Faezeh (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 04.04.2020)
  • Formal Model Refinement for Complex Biological Systems 

    Sanwal, Muhammad Usman (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 20.03.2020)
    There is a big interest in building large biological models and various approaches are being used for constructing such systems. Larger models are needed in system-level approaches (such as systems biology, systems medicine, ...
  • A Compiler Approach to Map Algebra for Raster Spatial Modeling 

    Carabaño Bravo, Jesús
    TUCS Dissertations : 243 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 30.08.2019)
    Modeling and simulation enables the study of spatial phenomena that are otherwise impossible to reproduce in the physical world. On the one hand, digital models replicate the shape and state of the Earth with bits and bytes ...
  • Formal Analysis of Network Routing Protocols 

    Kamali, Mojgan
    TUCS Dissertations : 242 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 23.08.2019)
    The use of wireless networks has been on the rise for some time now, from the ubiquitous smart phones and laptops in use everywhere, to sensor networks collecting large amounts of data. In this dissertation, we focus on ...
  • Servicescape for Digital Wellness Services for Young Elderly 

    Allmér, Hans (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 14.12.2018)
  • The lattice Boltzmann method, a petaflop and beyond 

    Robertsén, Fredrik
    TUCS Dissertations : 231 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 20.04.2018)
    With computer simulations real world phenomena can be analyzed in great detail. Computational fluid dynamics, for example, allows simulation of fluid flow phenomena that might not otherwise be observable or researchers ...
  • Qualitative Methods for Modeling Biochemical Systems and Datasets : The Logicome and the Reaction Systems Approaches 

    Panchal, Charmi
    TUCS Dissertations : 229 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 12.02.2018)
    In our everyday life we use a number of complex systems that consist of many closely interconnected components. None of the individual components possess a property of the whole system but when they come together they give ...
  • Knowledge-lean Text Mining 

    Rönnqvist, Samuel
    TUCS Dissertations : 227 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 08.12.2017)
    This thesis explores the process of introducing text mining to new areas of application, which involves both defining appropriate types of analysis and often designing appropriate computational methods to support the ...
  • Model-driven development and verification of fault tolerant systems 

    Javed, Kashif
    TUCS Dissertations : 223 (Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), 24.05.2017)
    Dependability is an ability of a computer-based system to deliver services that can be justifiably trusted. There is a wide range of computer-based systems that provide services that are critical for our society, e.g., ...

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