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  • Oops! Another medication error : a literature review of contributing factors and methods to prevent medication errors 

    Alanko, Katja; Nyholm, Lilli (Helsingin ammattikorkeakoulu StadiaHelsinki Polytechnic Stadia, 2007--)
    The purpose of this bachelor's thesis was to chart scientific research articles to present contributing factors to medication errors done by nurses in a hospital setting, and introduce methods to prevent medication errors. ...
  • Patient hand hygiene compliance in the hemodialysis environment 

    Sierla, Meri; Tamminen, Peter (Helsingin ammattikorkeakoulu StadiaHelsinki Polytechnic Stadia, 31.10.2007)
    Hand hygiene compliance of patients receiving hemodialysis treatment is a contemporary discussion topic among health care professionals in the Nephrology Clinic of Helsinki University City Hospital. The purpose of the ...
  • International nursing : cultivating a culture of empowerment 

    Martin, Emmanuelle H. (Helsingin ammattikorkeakoulu StadiaHelsinki Polytechnic Stadia, 22.03.2007)
    International nursing has been a growing phenomenon throughout the globe. International nurses have been found to be an asset to healthcare organizations and an important part of the health care team. However, growing ...
  • Confronting a victim of intimate partner violence in nursing care : a literature review 

    Koistinen, Tiina (Helsingin ammattikorkeakoulu StadiaHelsinki Polytechnic Stadia, 10.11.2006)
    Intimate partner violence is a growing problem in health care. The purpose of this thesis was to find ways of confronting a victim of intimate partner violence in nursing care and methods how nurses can encourage the victim ...