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    • Tysk-judisk migration till Sverige 

      Carlsson, Carl Henrik (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      Artikeln är en översikt av den tysk-judiska invandringen till Sverige från 1770-talet och framåt. Till en början skedde invandringen till stor del i form av kedjemigration från Mecklenburg. Många i pionjären Aaron Isaacs ...
    • ‘Only the murder accusations are missing’ 

      Carlesson Magalhães, Jens (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      In 1848, the Götheborgs Dagblad newspaper was revived after a ten-year gap, and launched the anonymous submission column entitled ‘Anonyma Lådan’ (the Anonymous Box). In January and February 1849, many antisemitic letters ...
    • The medieval roots of antisemitism in Sweden 

      Hess, Cordelia (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      The lack of a local Jewish community did not prevent medieval Swedish clerics and lay people from being interested in Jews and Jewish questions. They bought, translated, read and preached from most of the available textual ...
    • The ‘Old Testament’ as the origin of the patriarchy 

      Liljefors, Hanna (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      This article explores and compares two similar debates in Germany and Sweden during the 1980s, in which feminists blamed the Hebrew Bible, or ‘Old Testament’, for being the origin of the patriarchy. In Germany, the ...
    • Cultural transfer in Swedish exile 

      Nawrocka, Irene (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      After the death in 1934 of his father-in-law Samuel Fischer, founder of the well-known publishing house S. Fischer in Berlin, Gottfried Bermann Fischer moved to Vienna with the aim of publishing the works of prominent ...
    • Hugo Valentin's scholarly campaign against antisemitism 1920s to the early 1950s 

      Bortz, Olof (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      The Swedish Jewish historian Hugo Valentin (1888–1963) founded the field of Swedish Jewish history in the 1920s. Valentin was also a prominent and public figure in Swedish Jewish affairs, as a writer, Zionist and refugee ...
    • Christianity without Christ? 

      Schoeps, Julius H (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      Ever since the publication of Dohm’s Ueber die bürgerliche Verbesserung der Juden (On the Civil Improvement of the Jews) in 1781, which argued for Jewish political equality on humanitarian grounds, more and more voices ...
    • The faith and actions of Greta Andrén, missionary to the Jews of Vienna, 1938–41 

      Wenell, Samuel (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      In this microhistorical study of the Swedish Mission to the Jews (Svenska Israelsmissionen) in Vienna, I explore the everyday life and work of the deaconess Greta Andrén (1909–71) during the time of the Nazi occupation of ...
    • Jewish–Christian Contacts, Past and Present. Sweden and Germany Compared 

      Glöckner, Olaf; Roos, Lena (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      Editorial for the Volume 34, Issue 1
    • En resa genom judiska bibliografier och bibliotek 

      Sjö, Sofia (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      Bokrecension av Joacim Hanssons De ordnade böckernas folk: om klassifikation i judiska bibliografier och bibliotek (Stockholm: Hilleförlaget, 2022)
    • Ett judiskt kristet arv 

      Kurtén, Tage (The Donner Institute, 19.06.2023)
      Recension av Caterina Stenius, ”Sanningen är alltid större. En essä på sju famnars djup” (Vasa: Förlaget Scriptum, 2022).