Vol 13 No 3: Appropriation as a Perspective and Topic in the Study of Religion and Spirituality


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  • Is appropriation a useful category for scholarship on religion? 

    Bucar, Liz (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    Concluding remarks for the special issue of Approaching Religion, ‘Appropriation as a Perspective and Topic in the Study of Religion and Spirituality’.
  • The appropriation of mindfulness in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland 

    Moberg, Marcus; Ramstedt, Tommy (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    Mindfulness has gained increasing popularity across Western societies over the past couple of decades, although mainly in forms that have been stripped of all religious content. During this period, the practice has also ...
  • Inter- and intra-religious appropriation 

    Lensink, Jip (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    Moluccan people arrived in the Netherlands in 1951, as a result of the complicated process of the decolonization of Indonesia. A situation of permanent waiting and political disappointment resulted in this growing Moluccan ...
  • ‘When somebody tells you who you are’ 

    Parland, Milena (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    This article investigates the notion of spiritual appropriation in Finnish schools, with a particular focus on the experiences of religious minorities. It draws on narratives from these communities, shedding light on their ...
  • Shades of whiteness 

    Butters, Albion M (The Donner Institute, 18.01.2023)
    This study examines the appropriation of religious symbols by the Nordic Alt-Right over the last decade, focusing on their use for völkisch identity construction around whiteness. It locates this signification historically, ...
  • Tradition and ownership 

    Kallio, Kati; Silvonen, Viliina (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    A new dispute about the ownership of Karelian laments emerged in Finland in 2021. The severely endangered Karelian language is the closest relative of Finnish. Karelian laments were brought into new Finnish contexts during ...
  • Accusing witches in the twenty-first century 

    Cornish, Helen (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    There is little about globalized modern magical-religious Witchcraft that isn’t borrowed. It is well established that it is a creative response to modernity rather than an ancient continuous practice. Its inventiveness ...
  • Facilitating pura medicina 

    Heinonen, Tero (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    In this article, based on my doctoral research, I discuss the appropriation of religious elements from South America by Finnish ‘mystical tourists’. The plant medicine ceremonies are approached as spiritual commodities. ...
  • Appropriation as a perspective and topic in the study of religion and spirituality 

    Annunen, Linda; Utriainen, Terhi (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
    Cultural appropriation is a timely topic that has been taking up a lot of space in public discussions. The concept is often applied in heated debates aimed at calling out’ different actors and actions as appropriation, or ...