Selaus syöttöajan mukaan kokoelmassa

    • Salafi Sufism? 

      Sorgenfrei, Simon; Stjernholm, Simon (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)
      The aim of this article is to analyse a local expression of the transnational Ahbash Sufi movement in light of recent scholarship on the relationship between Salafism and Sufism as well as Islamic neo-traditionalism. Some ...
    • ‘One of the most important questions that human beings have to understand’ 

      Olsson, Susanne; Svensson, Jonas (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)
      In the present article, the authors argue that the study of Salafism as a contemporary Islamic new religious movement could benefit from an analytical perspective separating fundamentalism into the modes of inferentialism ...
    • Chabad on Ice 

      Czimbalmos, Mercédesz Viktória; Tuori, Riikka (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)
      The article examines the Finnish branch of Chabad Lubavitch as a fundamentalist and charismatic movement that differs from other branches of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in its approaches to outreach to non-observant Jews. Whilst ...
    • Soft charisma as an impediment to fundamentalist discourse 

      Hammer, Olav; Swartz, Karen (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)
      The Anthroposophical Society in Sweden is, in the view of many of its members, going through tough times. Times of crisis and the search for a collective identity often inspire the formation of ideological rifts within a ...
    • ISKCON and intelligent design 

      Broo, Måns (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)
      Bhaktivedanta Swami (1896–1977), the founder of ISKCON, had a complex relationship with science and modernity, and many of his followers have consequently allied themselves with various kinds of critiques of the modern ...
    • Editorial. Nordic fundamentalism 

      Olsson, Susanne; Sorgenfrei, Simon (The Donner Institute, 14.06.2022)