Vol 32 No 2 (2021)


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  • Marcus Ehrenpreis in an international context 

    Hultman, Maja; Gargova, Fani (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    This report from the online workshop on 3 June 2021 which took place at the University of Vienna and University of Gothenburg gives an account of the talks and discussions on the role of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis in the ...
  • The The origins of David Rapaport's 'Portrait of Moses' story 

    Raskin, Richard (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    David Rapaport, one of the founders of psychoanalytic ego psychology, used a story about a portrait of Moses in three of his papers in the 1950s in order to illustrate his view that the self has the power to shape its own ...
  • Jewish archives and sources in the Nordic countries 

    Pataricza, Dóra; Muir, Simo; Bak, Sofie Lene; Følner, Bjarke; Banik, Vibeke Kieding; Rudberg, Pontus (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    This article aims to give an overview of Jewish archives and archival sources in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Besides describing significant existing collections, the article looks into ongoing archival projects, ...
  • ‘Frightening proportions’ 

    Magnusson, Erik (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    This article deals with Rabbi Meir Kahane’s assimilation doctrine, an under-studied aspect of previous published research on Kahane. The present study suggests that this doctrine is catalysed by a palingenetic myth of ...
  • Allosemitism and cosmisation 

    Carlesson Magalhães, Jens; Jansson, Fredrik (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    In this article, we explore the fruitfulness of seeing allosemitism as an aspect of cosmisation. We explore possible tropes such as creating order from chaos, embracing Christian identity and supersessionism, and legitimising ...
  • Encountering the 'ghetto' 

    Hoffmann, Christhard (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    In the history of Western perceptions of Jews and the ‘Jewish problem’, the First World War marks a period of change which was, among other things, influenced by the course of the war on the Eastern Front. The German ...
  • Editorial 

    Illman, Ruth; Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    Editorial for Vol. 32, No. 2 of Nordisk judaistik / Scandinavian Jewish Studies.
  • Nils Martola in memoriam 

    Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
  • Fyra sekler av judiskt liv i Sverige 

    Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    Recension av Carl Henrik Carlssons Judarnas historia i Sverige (Stockholm: Natur & Kultur, 2021). 400 s.
  • How do you Jew in Finland? 

    Andersson, Lars M (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    Review of Mercédesz Czimbalmos's Intermarriage, Conversion and Jewish Identity in Contemporary Finland. A Study of Vernacular Religion in the Finnish Jewish Communities (Åbo Akademi University).
  • När det judiska tar plats 

    Roos, Lena (The Donner Institute, 20.12.2021)
    Recension av Jag må bo mitt ibland dem. Stockholms stora synagoga 150 år, projektledare och redaktör: Marina Burstein, bild­redaktör, grafisk form och foto: Karl Gabor (Stockholm: Hillelförlaget/Judiska församlingen i ...