Selaus syöttöajan mukaan kokoelmassa


      Illman, Ruth; Hedner Zetterholm, Karin (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      Editorial for Issue 30(2) of Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavain Jewish Studies.
    • Den Judiska Kvinnoklubben (JKK) och de judiska flyktingarna under 1930- och 1940-talen 

      Thor Tureby, Malin (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      In a Swedish context, Jewish women’s experiences and actions have gone unrecorded and unrecognised; most narratives of Swedish Jewish history offer only a partial account of their past. Marginalised or ignored, or absorbed ...
    • Merchants of Helsinki: Jewish stereotypes on a Yiddish stage 

      Muir, Simo (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      This article analyses a New Year’s revue from 1929 by Helsinki-born Jac Weinstein (1883–1976) and the image of the Jewish merchant. Many stereotypes concerning ethnicity and gender are at play in the revue and the line ...
    • Keeping kosher or not keeping kosher in contemporary Denmark 

      Fischer, Johan (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      The Hebrew term kosher means ‘fit’ or ‘proper’ and it traditionally signifies foods that conform to Jewish dietary law (kashrut). This article explores how kosher is understood, practised and contested in contemporary ...
    • Philo of Stockholm. The ecumenical heresies of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis 

      Rosenberg, Göran (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      This paper was presented at the conference ‘The Marrano Phenomenon: Jewish Hidden Tradition and Modernity’, Warsaw, 16–19 September 2019. It considers the case of Marcus Ehrenpreis, chief rabbi of Stockholm (1914–48). ...
    • Angeläget men rörigt i ny bok om judiskt liv i Stockholm 

      Kvist Geverts, Karin (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      Recension av boken Gravstenar berättar. Judiskt liv i Stockholm 1775-1875 (Stockholmia förlag, 2018).