Vol 29 No 1 (2018): The Problem of Evil and Images of (In)Humanity


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  • Editorial: The problem of evil and images of (in)humanity 

    Bjørnholt Michaelsen, Cathrine; Welz, Claudia (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    Editorial for issue 29(1) of Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 'The Problem of Evil and Images of (In)Humanity'.
  • Picturing vision: The interconnectedness of mental and visual images 

    Schürmann, Eva (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    Kant taught us to think of the faculty of imagination as an ingredient of perception. Vision, thus, is not only opened to the present but also to the absent, for instance through expectations or memories. Our ways of seeing ...
  • When the earth moves under your feet: Images of overcoming persecution in the Book of Psalms 

    Holst, Søren (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    This article explores the overcoming of evil in the biblical Book of Psalms, taking as its point of departure the so-called ‘sudden change of mood’ in the individual psalms of lamentation, where a psalmist proceeds from ...
  • Verbal images of evil and (in)humanity during and after the Holocaust 

    Geddes, Jennifer (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    In this paper, I explore images of evil and (in)humanity in the works of Primo Levi and Charlotte Delbo – verbal images that they encountered within Auschwitz and those that they created afterwards to try to bear witness ...
  • Can evil create? Lévinas in conversation with tikkun olam and Kierkegaard 

    Westin, Anna (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    In this article, I look at the phenomenological expression of creativity through language as a way of relating to the self and others. Employing the Jewish concepts of the yetzerim, or impulses, philosophically, I suggest ...
  • 'Saints without God': Camus's poetics of secular faith 

    Whistler, Grace (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    This article addresses Camus’s response to Christianity and the problem of suffering in the context of the early twentieth century. Owing to his association with the existentialist movement, it is often assumed that Camus, ...
  • Facing the problem of evil: Visual, verbal, and mental images of (in)humanity 

    Welz, Claudia (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    This article explores imagination as a means of ethical re-orientation in the aftermath of atrocity. The discussion of the problem of evil is based on Hannah Arendt’s critique of Kant and her notion of ‘rootless’ rather ...
  • Bildrik populärvetenskap om dansk-judisk historia 

    Carlsson, Carl Henrik (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
    Recension av Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke, Signe Bergman Larsen, Janne Laursen, Martin Schwarz Lausten, Hanne Trautner-Kromann, En indvandringshistorie. Jøder i Danmark 400 år (Dansk Jødisk Museum 2018). Engelsk version: ...