Selaus tekijän mukaan kokoelmassa Vertaisarvioidut artikkelit (Peer-reviewed articles)

    • Policy Goals for Improved Water Quality in the Baltic Sea: When do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? 

      Hyytiäinen, Kari; Ahlvik, Lassi; Ahtiainen, Heini; Artell, Janne; Huhtala, Anni; Dahlbo, Kim
      Environmental and Resource Economics : 2 (Springer Verlag, 2015)
      This paper develops and applies a spatially explicit bioeconomic model to study transboundary nutrient pollution of the Baltic Sea. We combine catchment, marine and economic models covering the entire Baltic Sea region to ...
    • The Role of Fisheries in Optimal Eutrophication Management 

      Iho, Antti; Ahtiainen, Heini; Artell, Janne; Heikinheimo, Outi; Kauppila, Pirkko; Kosenius, Anna-Kaisa; Laukkanen, Marita; Lindroos, Marko; Oinonen, Soile; Ollikka, Kimmo; Parkkila, Katja; Pavlova, Yulia; Peltonen, Heikki; Pouta, Eija; Uusitalo, Laura
      Water Economics and Policy : 2 (World Scientific Publishing, 2017)
      We analyze dynamically optimal eutrophication management using two controls, targeted fishing and reduction of external nutrient loads. Fishing removes nutrients from the water ecosystem, and the size of the fish stock ...
    • What Are the Benefits of the Water Framework Directive? Lessons Learned for Policy Design from Preference Revelation 

      Artell, Janne; Huhtala, Anni
      Environmental and Resource Economics : 4 (Springer Verlag, 2017)
      The Water Framework Directive (WFD) seeks to achieve good ecological status of surface waters across the European Union by 2027. The WFD guidelines explicitly recognize the economics of water management by providing ...