Selaus nimekkeen mukaan kokoelmassa Vertaisarvioidut artikkelit (Peer-reviewed articles)

    • Early Retirement Policy in the Presence of Competing Exit Pathways: Evidence from Pension Reforms in Finland 

      Kyyrä, Tomi
      Economica : 325 (Wiley, 2015)
      I study the effects of changes in the eligibility age thresholds for unemployment and part-time pensions, and the effect of tightening medical criteria for disability pension eligibility in Finland. Particular attention ...
    • Economic Crises and Unemployment Persistence: Analysis of Job Losses During the Finnish Recession of the 1990s 

      Verho, Jouko
      Economica : 345 (Wiley, 2019)
      This study estimates the effect of job loss for Finnish workers who were displaced during a severe recession in the early 1990s. The setting provides a sample of workers of which over 90% experienced unemployment after ...
    • Education returns of wage earners and self-employed workers: Comment 

      Jordahl, Henrik; Poutvaara, Panu; Tuomala, Juha
      Economics of Education Review : 5 (Elsevier, 2009)
      In a recent paper, García-Mainar and Montuenga-Gómez [García-Mainar, I. & Montuenga-Gómez, V. M. (2005). Education returns of wage earners and self-employed workers: Portugal vs. Spain. Economics of Education Review, 24(2), ...
    • Education returns of wage earners and self-employed workers: Rejoinder 

      Jordahl, Henrik; Poutvaara, Panu; Tuomala, Juha
      Economics of Education Review : 5 (Elsevier, 2009)
      In their reply to our comment, García-Mainar and Montuenga-Gómez [García-Mainar, I., & Montuenga-Gómez, V. M. (2009). A response to the comment on education returns of wage earners and self-employed workers. Economics of ...
    • Effectiveness of clinical exome sequencing in adult patients with difficult-to-diagnose neurological disorders 

      Sainio, Markus T.; Aaltio, Juho; Hyttinen, Virva; Kortelainen, Mika; Ojanen, Simo; Paetau, Anders; Tienari, Pentti; Ylikallio, Eemil; Auranen, Mari; Tyynismaa, Henna
      Acta Neurologica Scandinavica : 1, Open Access (Wiley, 2021)
      Objectives: Clinical diagnostics in adults with hereditary neurological diseases is complicated by clinical and genetic heterogeneity, as well as lifestyle effects. Here, we evaluate the effectiveness of exome sequencing ...
    • Effectiveness of Private and Public High Schools: Evidence from Finland 

      Kortelainen, Mika; Manninen, Kalle
      CESifo Economic Studies : 4 (Oxford University Press, 2019)
      A number of papers have compared the effectiveness of private and public schools in different institutional settings. However, most of these studies are observational and do not utilize experimental or quasi-experimental ...
    • Effects of Carbon Reduction Labels: Evidence from Scanner Data 

      Kortelainen, Mika; Raychaudhuri, Jibonayan; Roussillon, Beatrice
      Economic Inquiry : 2 (Wiley, 2016)
      We investigate the effects of carbon reduction labels using a detailed scanner data set. Using a difference-in-differences estimation strategy, we find that having a carbon label has no impact on detergent prices or demand. ...
    • Effects of Minimum Bid Increments in Internet Auctions: Evidence from a Field Experiment 

      Tukiainen, Janne
      The Journal of Industrial Economics : 3 (Wiley, 2017)
      I study the role of minimum bid increments (MBI) in internet auctions using natural field experiment data from a Finnish online auction site Internet auctions are typically viewed as second-price, implying ...
    • Effects of municipal mergers on voter turnout 

      Lapointe, Simon; Saarimaa, Tuukka; Tukiainen, Janne
      Local Government Studies : 4 (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      We study the effects of municipal mergers on voter turnout in a difference-in-differences framework, using data from a wave of municipal mergers in Finland in 2009. Analysing two pre-merger elections and three post-merger ...
    • Effects of rehabilitative psychotherapy on labour market success: Evaluation of a nationwide programme 

      Peutere, Laura; Ravaska, Terhi; Böckerman, Petri; Väänänen, Ari; Virtanen, Pekka
      Scandinavian Journal of Public Health : Open Access (SAGE Publications, 2022)
      Aims: Psychotherapy is a widely used treatment for mental disorders, but whether it also improves employment and other labour market outcomes remains inconclusive. This study examined the effectiveness of a nationwide ...
    • Elasticity of Taxable Income: Evidence from Changes in Municipal Income Tax Rates in Finland 

      Matikka, Tuomas
      The Scandinavian Journal of Economics : 3 (Wiley, 2018)
      The elasticity of taxable income (ETI) is a key parameter in income tax analysis both in terms of efficiency and tax revenue. This paper uses Finnish data to analyze the ETI. I use changes in flat municipal income tax rates ...
    • Electricity prices and consumers’ long-term technology choices: Evidence from heating investments 

      Sahari, Anna
      European Economic Review (Elsevier, 2019)
      This paper studies consumers’s sensitivity to energy costs at the moment of making a long-term energy technology investment. The analysis exploits local variation in regulated electricity distribution prices that are ...
    • Evidence from Finland and Sweden on the relationship between early-life diseases and lifetime childlessness in men and women 

      Aoxing, Liu; Akimova, Evelina T.; Ding, Xuejie; Jukarainen, Sakari; Vartiainen, Pekka; Kiiskinen, Tuomo; Koskelainen, Sara; Havulinna, Aki S.; Gissler, Mika; Lombardi, Stefano; Fall, Tove; Mills, Melinda C.; Ganna, Andrea
      Nature Human Behaviour : Accepted (Open access) (Nature Research, 18.12.2023)
      The percentage of people without children over their lifetime is approximately 25% in men and 20% in women. Individual diseases have been linked to childlessness, mostly in women, yet we lack a comprehensive picture of the ...
    • Ex-Ante Study of Biofuel Policies–Analyzing Policy-Induced Flexibility 

      Ruponen, Inka; Kozlova, Mariia; Collan, Mikael
      Sustainability : 1, Open Access (MDPI, 2022)
      A variety of policy types are available to foster the transition to a low-carbon economy. In every sector, including transportation, heat and power production, policymakers face the choice of what type of policy to adopt. ...
    • Examining inequalities: from labour markets to social outcomes in Finland 

      Paukkeri, Tuuli; Ravaska, Terhi; Riihelä, Marja
      Fiscal Studies : 2 Open Access (Wiley, 28.06.2024)
      Finland is known for low income inequality by international comparison. In this paper we provide a long-run perspective on inequalities in Finland, and show that inequality is higher in the 21st century compared with many ...
    • Expanding access to administrative data: the case of tax authorities in Finland and the UK 

      Almunia, Miguel; Harju, Jarkko; Kotakorpi, Kaisa; Tukiainen, Janne; Verho, Jouko
      International Tax and Public Finance : 26 (Springer Verlag, 2019)
      We discuss typical issues in getting access to and using high-quality administrative tax data for research purposes. We discuss research involving both quasi- and field experiments implemented together with the tax authority. ...
    • Famine, Inequality, and Conflict 

      Meriläinen, Jaakko; Mitrunen, Matti; Virkola, Tuomo
      Journal of the European Economic Association : 4 (Oxford University Press, 11 / 2022)
      This paper employs newly-collected historical data from Finland to present evidence of historically contingent, long-run consequences of a famine. We document high levels of local inequality in terms of income and land ...
    • Fasting Glucose and the Risk of Depressive Symptoms: Instrumental-Variable Regression in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study 

      Wesołowska, Karolina; Elovainio, Marko; Hintsa, Taina; Jokela, Markus; Pulkki-Råback, Laura; Pitkänen, Niina; Lipsanen, Jari; Tukiainen, Janne; Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka; Lehtimäki, Terho; Juonala, Markus; Raitakari, Olli; Keltikangas-Järvinen, Liisa
      International Journal of Behavioral Medicine : 6 (Springer Verlag, 2017)
      Purpose Type 2 diabetes (T2D) has been associated with depressive symptoms, but the causal direction of this association and the underlying mechanisms, such as increased glucose levels, remain unclear. We used ...
    • Field-of-Study Choice in Higher Education: Does Distance Matter? 

      Suhonen, Tuomo
      Spatial Economic Analysis : 4 (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
      When field-of-study options vary across higher education institutions, geographical distances may create barriers to students’ study choices. Based on this hypothesis, the present study empirically examines field-of-study ...
    • Finnish perspectives on the business of electricity distribution 

      Collan, Mikael
      Oxford Open Energy : (Open access) (Oxford University Press, 30.01.2024)
      The profits of the Finnish industry of electricity distribution are driven by a rate of return regulation model. Changes in the model caused a remarkable jump in DSO profits. The model rewards large costs and gives the ...