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  • Examining inequalities: from labour markets to social outcomes in Finland 

    Paukkeri, Tuuli; Ravaska, Terhi; Riihelä, Marja
    Fiscal Studies : 2 Open Access (Wiley, 28.06.2024)
    Finland is known for low income inequality by international comparison. In this paper we provide a long-run perspective on inequalities in Finland, and show that inequality is higher in the 21st century compared with many ...
  • Information Technology, Improved Access, and Use of Prescription Drugs 

    Böckerman, Petri; Kortelainen, Mika; Laine, Liisa T.; Nurminen, Mikko; Saxell, Tanja
    Journal of the European Economic Association : jvae034, Open access (European Economic Association, 2024)
    We estimate the effects of health information technology designed to improve access to medication while limiting overuse through easier prescription renewal and improved information provision. We focus on benzodiazepines, ...
  • Information Integration, Coordination Failures, and Quality of Prescribing 

    Böckerman, Petri; Laine, Liisa T.; Nurminen, Mikko; Saxell, Tanja
    Journal of Human Resources : 2, Open Access (University of Wisconsin Press, 01.03.2024)
    Poor information flows hamper coordination, potentially leading to suboptimal decisions in health care. We examine the effects of a large-scale policy of health information integration. We use the staggered adoption of a ...
  • Tax planning and investment responses to dividend taxation 

    Koivisto, Aliisa
    International Tax and Public Finance : Published online (Springer Nature, 16.04.2024)
    This study explores empirically how business owners respond to dividend taxes in a range of different margins including tax planning and investment. Using administrative tax data on all privately held Finnish corporations, ...
  • Social Interaction in the Family: Evidence from Investors’ Security Holdings 

    Knüpfer, Samuli; Rantapuska, Elias; Sarvimäki, Matti
    Review of Finance : 4 Open access (Oxford University Press, 10.09.2022)
    We show that investors tend to hold the same securities as their parents. This intergenerational correlation is stronger for mothers and family members who are more likely to communicate with each other. An instrumental ...
  • Analyzing the Finnish University funding system through system-based simulation 

    Rissanen, Miia; Savolainen, Jyrki; Collan, Mikael
    Policy Futures in Education : Available online (SAGE Publications, 31.01.2024)
    This research explores the suitability of system-based simulation analysis for higher education (HE) policy-planning. A dynamic system model of the Finnish university funding system covering bachelor-level students is ...
  • Finnish perspectives on the business of electricity distribution 

    Collan, Mikael
    Oxford Open Energy : (Open access) (Oxford University Press, 30.01.2024)
    The profits of the Finnish industry of electricity distribution are driven by a rate of return regulation model. Changes in the model caused a remarkable jump in DSO profits. The model rewards large costs and gives the ...
  • Profitability Analysis and Financial Evaluation of Projects 

    Collan, Mikael; Savolainen, Jyrki
    In book: IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Body of Knowledge (TEMSBOK) (Wiley, 29.09.2023)
    This chapter presents and gives practical tools for the financial analysis and evaluation of all kinds of projects. The chapter discusses the foundations underlying modern profitability analysis, presents and illustrates ...
  • The effect of compulsory face mask policies on community mobility in Germany 

    Kovacs, Roxanne; Dunaiski, Maurice; Tukiainen, Janne
    The Scandinavian Journal of Economics : 4 (Open access) (Wiley, 11.10.2023)
    There is an ongoing debate about face masks being made compulsory in public spaces to contain COVID-19. A key concern is that such policies could undermine efforts to maintain social distancing and reduce mobility. We ...
  • Evidence from Finland and Sweden on the relationship between early-life diseases and lifetime childlessness in men and women 

    Aoxing, Liu; Akimova, Evelina T.; Ding, Xuejie; Jukarainen, Sakari; Vartiainen, Pekka; Kiiskinen, Tuomo; Koskelainen, Sara; Havulinna, Aki S.; Gissler, Mika; Lombardi, Stefano; Fall, Tove; Mills, Melinda C.; Ganna, Andrea
    Nature Human Behaviour : Accepted (Open access) (Nature Research, 18.12.2023)
    The percentage of people without children over their lifetime is approximately 25% in men and 20% in women. Individual diseases have been linked to childlessness, mostly in women, yet we lack a comprehensive picture of the ...
  • Mass vaccination and educational attainment: Evidence from the 1967–68 Measles Eradication Campaign 

    Barteska, Philipp; Dobkowitz, Sonja; Olkkola, Maarit; Rieser, Michael
    Journal of Health Economics : Open access (Elsevier, 10.10.2023)
    We show that the first nationwide mass vaccination campaign against measles increased educational attainment in the United States. Our empirical strategy exploits variation in exposure to the childhood disease across states ...
  • The effects of employers’ disability and unemployment insurance costs on benefit inflows 

    Kyyrä, Tomi; Tuomala, Juha
    Labour Economics : Available online (Open access) (Elsevier, 19.08.2023)
    In Finland, large firms are partially liable for the costs of disability and unemployment benefits paid to their former workers. To estimate the effects of such cost liabilities, we exploit a reform that extended this ...
  • Ignorance is bliss? Information and risk on crowdfunding platforms 

    D’Arcangelo, Chiara; Morreale, Azzurra; Mittone, Luigi; Collan, Mikael
    PLoS ONE : 6 (open access) (Public Library of Science, 16.06.2023)
    This research examines the determinants of project success on crowdfunding platforms within a competitive context. We focus on the specific horizontal attributes of the project–attributes that do not affect the project ...
  • Innovators, followers and laggards in home solar PV: Factors driving diffusion in Finland 

    Ruokamo, Enni; Laukkanen, Marita; Karhinen, Santtu; Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Maria; Svento, Rauli
    Energy Research & Social Science : (Open access) (Elsevier, 22.06.2023)
    Generating electricity from solar energy is a way for households to participate in the ongoing transition to decarbonized and more decentralized energy systems. A large empirical literature has examined the drivers and ...
  • Do Tax Incentives Increase Firm Innovation? An RD Design for R&D, Patents, and Spillovers 

    Dechezleprêtre, Antoine; Einiö, Elias; Martin, Ralf; Nguyen, Kieu-Trang; Van Reenen, John
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy : 4 (American Economic Association, 17.05.2023)
    We present evidence of the positive causal impacts of research and development (R&D) tax incentives on a firm’s own innovation and that of its technological neighbors (spillovers). Exploiting a change in the assets-based ...
  • JUE insight: City-wide effects of new housing supply: Evidence from moving chains 

    Bratu, Cristina; Harjunen, Oskari; Saarimaa, Tuukka
    Journal of Urban Economics : Available online (Open access) (Elsevier, 07.01.2023)
    We study the city-wide effects of new, centrally-located market-rate housing supply using geo-coded population-wide register data from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The supply of new market rate units triggers moving ...
  • Lost boys? Secondary education and crime 

    Huttunen, Kristiina; Pekkarinen, Tuomas; Uusitalo, Roope; Virtanen, Hanna
    Journal of Public Economics : Available online (Open access) (Elsevier, 02.01.2023)
    We study the effect of secondary education on criminal behavior of young men in Finland. We exploit admission cut-offs in over-subscribed programs and estimate the effect of gaining access to a) any secondary school vs no ...
  • Love Thy (Elected) Neighbor? Residential Segregation, Political Representation and Local Public Goods 

    Harjunen, Oskari; Saarimaa, Tuukka; Tukiainen, Janne
    Journal of Politics : 3 (The University of Chicago Press, 07 / 2023)
    We study geographic political representation and geographic distribution of local public goods within local jurisdictions with at-large proportional representation elections. We use detailed geo-coded data on politicians, ...
  • Immigrant intergenerational mobility: A focus on childhood environment 

    Bratu, Cristina; Bolotnyy, Valentin
    European Economic Review (Elsevier, 2022)
    Over 60% of immigrant parents in Sweden start off in the bottom quintile of the income distribution, yet only about 30% of their children are still in the bottom income quintile in adulthood. This progress notwithstanding, ...
  • Famine, Inequality, and Conflict 

    Meriläinen, Jaakko; Mitrunen, Matti; Virkola, Tuomo
    Journal of the European Economic Association : 4 (Oxford University Press, 11 / 2022)
    This paper employs newly-collected historical data from Finland to present evidence of historically contingent, long-run consequences of a famine. We document high levels of local inequality in terms of income and land ...

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